Board Meeting
May 21, 7pm
Clare Housing

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City Fund Vote Notice
This is a notice to all St. Anthony East community residents and property owners. The SAENA Board of Directors will vote on 6/1/2018 to move the following funds:

  • $10,881.97 (currently Traffic Circles [$0.45] and Gap Financing [$10,881.52]) in uncontracted funds from our Neighborhood Revitalization Phase I to our Community Outreach strategy under our Neighborhood Revitalization Phase II contract for personnel expenses.
  • Housing Services ($1,547) and Gateway Signs ($928) strategies within our Neighborhood Revitalization Phase I contract that will go into Staff/Administration Support.

If you have comments or questions regarding this change, please call or email us.

Si usted desea una traduccíon de este comunicacíon, usted puede contractarnos a info@saenaminneapolis.com.