Upcoming Events

March Community Meeting

Monday, March 25 6-7:30pm

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Come learn about our park improvement projects, such as planting a fruit forest, and get the 411 on what a rain garden is and why we want to install one in the park. We will have a local artist, Jodi Reeb, leading a painting activity inspired by prairie plants found in rain gardens! There will be kids activities and free food!

City Funds Community Vote: SAENA has some big plans for our City funds! Join us for our Community Meeting on Monday, March 25 to give your input and vote on the following items.

  • Neighborhood Priority Plan
    The SAENA Board of Directors would like to recognize two neighborhood priorities and designate funds to them via the Neighborhood Priority Plan.

    • Webster Elementary. SAENA has been conducting community engagement and interest regarding a partnership with Webster Elementary. At the September 2018 community meeting, residents voted for SAENA to focus on the Webster partnership for our 2019 projects. Thus, Webster Elementary and SAENA will utilize Neighborhood Priority funds of $20,000 through the City of Minneapolis to accomplish two goals:
      Install patio/outdoor seating space at South end of the school building for classroom activities.
      Create music program. Webster will hire music educators to work with teachers to provide music programming in the classroom.
    • Community Commons Park. SAENA and the Park Committee have worked since October 2016 to update and improve Community Commons Park facilities. In the final phase of this improvement project, we will install a rain garden at the North end of the park to prevent snowmelt and rain water from pooling as well as installing a fruit forest at the South end of the park. At the September 2018 Community meeting, residents voted to pursue these projects in 2019. Thus SAENA will utilize Neighborhood Priority funds of $9,286 to accomplish this final phase.
  • NRP Plan Modification
    The SAENA Board of Directors is hosting a community vote to allocate the following funds from the City’s Neighborhood Revitalization Program Phase II:
    $351,839.52 (currently Outreach and Communication Activities [$16,960.00], Increase Safety Street Lighting [$30,000], Neighborhood Park Improvement [$5,062.31], and Revolving Loan and Grant Program [$299,817.21]) in uncontracted funds from SAENA’s Neighborhood Revitalization Phase II will be moved to the Phase II strategy, Outreach and Communication Activities.